Wimpy Player


  Seven Signs

  Juice Jenkins

 Last Crack


  Sexy Ester

  Faces For Radio

 Dead End Moves


 Bitter Cold

  Magic 7


 The 608

 Go Play God

 Zac Matthews

  Level Down

 Six Shots ‘Til Midnight (IA)

 Cast In Fire

 Jimmy Baldwin

 In Dying Hours (MI)

Good Morning V

 Chase The Legend

 Iron 59

  Ryan Jordan


 Taalbi Brothers

 Muzzy Luctin


Autumn Reverie

 Halverson Road


 Pink Houses


Dead Apples

 Tom McCutchan

 My Eternal Stand

 Sweet Oblivion

 Maximum Ink

 Shawn Anthony Brown



 Boomslang (IL)

Elizabeth Wadium


 Grand Theft Portal

 Wall of Funk

 Silk & Smooth

 Punch Goliath (NV)


 Headlit Haze (IL) 

 Smoke & Mirrors

 My Fair Share

Heather Jean Maywood



  Cold Country

 David Fleer (CA)



 The Motherhive Syndicate

Mike Habada II

 Justin Waite

  Rhoni Race

   A Penny Saved (IA)


 No Parachutes

 Pastor John Wells

 Capital Skating School

 Stars After The Storm

  Glass Taxi

 Josh Burlin

 Brian Graedel


 Mark Conrad


Joey Bluel

 Nicole Horton

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